Extra Stuff:

Miscellanious, random things that don't fit anywhere else. Enjoy. :)

Character selector : find out which character you're most like, including a pretty image banner and HTML frag for your journal or whatever. The selector may still need tweaking, though.

Mailing list : A general list for queenitsy.com, which of course includes the Saga. In case you want to be the first to know when it's updated.

The Saga Drinking Game : just what it sounds like.

The Saga Soundtrack : a collection of songs that remind me of the Saga.

Haven : a writing/art blog (well, livejournal). Sketches and snippets of Saga stuff sometimes get thrown here. It's not really

And finally, in a very similar fit of boredom and "I don't wanna do my homework!"-ness, I made a few Saga banners. Feel free to use or not as you see fit...



The Saga

all's fair in love and war

blood runs thicker

Saga banner animated
(Many thanks to Michelle for the animation!)

And speaking of links, here are some of my favorites, dealing with original stories and art and such.

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