Every now and then the mood strikes me to write something related to the Saga but not actually the current storyline. Not a lot so far, or at least not a lot that's actually good. But some of the better short pieces will be put here, along with any miscellanious images and things.

Conversation : a short piece using Slenna and Jorden, which takes place before season one, during the time when Taylin was a prisoner on Kalatsu. The end of that time, actually. It leads in to one of the flashbacks in season one.
Spoilers: mild, season one only

Vignette : a very short vignette type deal about how Elthis eventually dies. It's set about seven years before the beginning of season two.
Spoilers: none

Blizzard : a short story about Ilyan when he was about sixteen years old, thus placing it somewhere between seasons one and two.
Spoilers: very mild, season two only

Kalin 100 : responses to prompts from an LJ community. There will be 100 of them, all about Kalin, at various points in his life.
Spoilers: Strong, seasons one and two

Drabbles: 100 word short stories

Number One : Backstory to Season Two, no spoilers.

Number Two : Post-Season One; very, very spoilery for both seasons.

Number Three : Pre-Season Two; somewhat spoilery for it.

Spoiler Images

These are all spoilers. If you look at these before reading all of the current Season Two things, it's your own fault. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Unfinished sketch gallery : includes a spoilery sketch or two, and has characters from both seasons.


Dolling is a new hobby of mine. All dolls are adoptable, so long as you don't direct link (save to your own server, please) and give credit by way of a link back here. You know, if adopting dolls is your thing.

Kalin Malistar dollSerissa Aleann doll

Islana Ylanna dollCleran dollIslana doll, fighting

Kaleal dollIlyan dollAnalla doll

More dolls (not Saga related).